Storm Gloor

Associate Professor and Program Director - Music and Entertainment Industry Studies

University of Colorado Denver


Speaker Bio:

Storm Gloor, MBA, is an associate professor in the Music and Entertainment Industry Studies department of the College of Arts and Media at the University of Colorado Denver, where he serves as the program director of the Music Business area. He was the recipient of the university’s 2018 Excellence In Teaching award and the college’s 2020 Excellence in Service award. Mr. Gloor’s teaching experience includes courses such as Music Marketing, Music Cities, Music in the Digital Age, Introduction to the Music Business, and Artist Management. He is the faculty sponsor for all internships within the College of Arts & Media. Associate professor Gloor is a past president of MEIEA.

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Music-Centric Entertainment Zones in American Cities: An Evaluation and Geospatial Perspective

Summit Year:

Music Tourism: What's In the Mix