Scott LeGere

Associate Professor & Program Director, Music Industries

Minnesota State Mankato


Speaker Bio:

For the last 25 years, Scott LeGere has played key roles in the ownership and operation of audio recording facilities, independent record labels, media schools, and commercial music production companies. During this time, he has engineered Grammy nominated albums, produced critically acclaimed independent projects, lectured nationally at conferences and events, and foolishly hauled both Yamaha CP-70s and Hammond B3s (concurrently) to gigs while watching the music and entertainment industries transform dramatically in the process. In 2010, he co-founded NoWare Media, a composition focused sound agency, and helped produce Clio, Emmy, and Cannes Lion award winning commercial spots for clients such as Target, Walmart, Pinterest, The Minnesota Wild, Bauer Hockey, BluDot, and others. Now developing independent multimedia projects from a private (and mobile) home studio, Scott has concentrated much of his recent efforts into higher education, non-profits, and advocating for our shared creative future. After serving as a Professor of Music Industries at Minnesota State Mankato and serving on the boards of the American Composers Forum, MEIEA, and others, Scott has accepted a new role beginning in 2023 as the Executive Director of the Minnesota Music Coalition to help empower and connect musicians across Minnesota. Always an optimist, he believes there are indeed growing career opportunities for those interested in the intersections of art, culture, and media production. However, he cautions that the skills of the future might involve helping write jingle lyrics that rhyme with “broccoli” for a grocery chain, managing a crowdfunding campaign, or taking on myriads of other surprising roles in our ever-changing creative ecosystem all while striving to write the next song that might just help change our world for the better.

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