Henric Lindström


Linnaeus University, Sweden


Speaker Bio:

Long term educator in Business Administration, Organizational Theories & Leadership, Music Business related courses and Project Management for the music and event industries. Also serving as the European Liaison in the organization Music & Entertainment Industry Educators Association (MEIEA, www.meiea.org).

Henric Lindstr√∂m is  a, nowadays, long term music business, organizational & leadership  theories, and project management educator at the Linnaeus University School  of Business & Economics in Sweden. Henric recently added to the skillset  a MSc with a major in Applied Information Technology with Specialization in  Learning and Communication and hence very interested in, not only  internationalization in academia, but also the digitalization of education  and learning partly from his deep and long-term interest in music industry  structure(s), organization, and business practices. Furthermore, proudly  serving as the European Liaison for the Music & Entertainment Industry  Educators Association (MEIEA).

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