Noah Levinson

Levitate Events

CEO and Founder


Speaker Bio:

Noah Levinson is the CEO and founder of Levitate Events, which produces and promotes concerts and music festivals that rest at the intersect of electronic music and immersive world creation. He is also the talent buyer for Versa, which creates unique music experiences of all kinds on behalf of venues, festivals, and corporate clients around the world. Formerly, Noah held the Concerts and Festivals Associate position at Insomniac Events, assisted in the sponsorships department for Dayglo Ventures (LOCKN Music Festival, Brooklyn Bowl, Relix Media), and worked alongside United Interests, a boutique artist management company in Boulder, as their Tour Coordinator. 

With 2 Deadhead parents who encouraged participation in live music, Noah realized at an early age that live experiences are the quintessence of human connection – that events harness the power to profoundly impact people in ways that do not exist in other environments. A middle school DJ obsession phase transformed into Noah curating small events in early high school, and by his senior year, he had produced his first mini music festival. These early experiences sparked a fire of passion and determination for Noah to produce some of the most beautiful music events in the world. He graduated from the Clive Davis Institute of Recorded Music in the Tisch School of the Arts at New York University in 2018 with an emphasis in executive entrepreneurship and concert management. Shortly after, he moved to Denver, Colorado to actualize his passion project – a music festival designed to capture the essence of Colorado through a tilted lens while integrating live fusions of electronic music. Now, five years in the making, High Ground is debuting this coming fall, and is announcing tomorrow, Tuesday May 18th.

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