Todd D Gardner

Associate Professor

Berklee College of Music


Speaker Bio:

Todd Gardner, associate professor of Music Business/Management, teaches classes on tax, accounting, business startups, and start-up labs where design thinking is incorporated. He lectures regularly to the broader Berklee community on issues within the music industry including the Film Composition Senior Symposium, the Stan Getz Library Lecture Series, and other groups. His lectures cover business formation, tax, the ability to critically and creatively think, problem-solve, communicate, and collaborate. He strives to have his students have the best possible experience at Berklee so they are prepared not only for business but for life. Todd is also the Faculty Advisor and Director of the print and online edition of The Music Business Journal and the podcast, Cut-Time.

He wrote an article for the December 2018 edition entitled: Tom Petty-Standing Ground. He serves as Co-Chair of the new Berklee Case Study Center which was founded in 2016 to provide support for writing, finding and using case studies in the classroom so that students learn more about real-life situations regarding businesses/artists/managers and more.

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Design Thinking and its Use in Music and Music Business-Related Classrooms

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