Emily White

Author and Podcast Host/Founder of @ivoted campaign


Speaker Bio:

Emily White is a Founding partner at Collective Entertainment in New York City. She's the Founder of #iVoted Festival, which increases voter turnout and built the largest single night digital concert in history in 2020. #iVoted Festival 2022 was announced this month for election night on November 8th with artists including Run the Jewels, Lake Street Dive, CNCO, and over 250 of the top trending artists in key states whose electoral margins are often decided by the size of a concert venue. She's the author of the #1 Amazon best-selling How to Build a Sustainable Music Career and Collect All Revenue Streams as well as Interning 101, which are course books around the world. White additionally hosts the #1 Music Business podcast globally based on her best-selling book and additionally hosts the recently launched #iVoted Festival podcast.

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