Elizabeth Porter

Founder and President

Entertainment Health Services


Speaker Bio:

Elizabeth Porter is the Founder and President of Entertainment Health Services, specializing in mental health and coaching services for individuals working within the entertainment industry.

As a Licensed Mental Health Therapist, Certified Entertainment Industry Life Coach, 15+ years in leadership/management, and a background in the music industry; Elizabeth brings a unique blend of experience and skills to those served in the industry.

She received her Masters Degree in Counseling Psychology from Northeastern University and moved from Boston to Nashville a few years later. Having seen first-hand the struggles within the music industry, Elizabeth made the decision to dedicate her career to supporting those in the entertainment industry and launched EHS. EHS works with creative professionals, executives, and those in the entertainment business on an individual level as well as in group seminars. Through EHS, Elizabeth aims to bring greater awareness of mental health to the industry, reduce stigma, and support individuals in entertainment with navigating life and mental health. Elizabeth believes music influences our world immensely and those in this field can shine their brightest when they have optimal mental health.

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