Chrissie Vincent

Head of Entertainment Management



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Chrissie is an  educator and music industry stalwart, starting her career in the music  business in 1981 at Festival Records in Sydney, Australia. With over 42 years  experience in the music and entertainment industry, Chrissie has worked with  some of the biggest names in music, both in Australia and internationally  (based in Los Angeles for 5 years at Virgin Records Worldwide) including the  Rolling Stones, Lenny Kravitz, David Bowie, Sex Pistols, Smashing Pumpkins  and Australian artists and bands such as The Living End, Pete Murray, Don  Walker, Jeff Lang, Tim Rogers, Tex Perkins   - the list is endless. Chrissie has worked in various capacities  including publicity, artist management, TV production, record promotion, radio  promotion and music television @ MTV in Australia and the US.  In 1999 she established Chrissie Vincent  Publicity & Management, working on successful publicity campaigns for  events such as Falls Festival, St Kilda Festival, St Kilda Film Festival,  Pyramid Rock Festival, Boogie Festival, the Australasian Worldwide Music Expo  and CD and National Tour Campaigns for both local and international touring  artists.    Chrissie has taught at JMC Academy, Melbourne Polytechnic and in January  2015, Chrissie accepted the position of Head of Entertainment Management at  Collarts (Australian Collage of the Arts) where she is overseeing the  Bachelor of Applied Business degree in Entertainment Management.    In November 2018, Chrissie presented her recommendations for change with  regard to Local Content on Commercial radio at the inquiry into the  Australian Music Business. In April 2019, the Parliamentary Inquiry findings  were released, using 3 of Chrissie‚Äôs key recommendations for change within  the commercial radio/local content area. She has presented her research at  several local and international conferences in 2019,  is passionate about the industry and  continues to push for changes to guarantee the music business is sustainable  into the future.    Chrissie is currently the Chair of the Board of Management @ youth  organisation The Push and is the Australasian Representative on the Board of  MEIEA (Music, Entertainment Industry Educators Association).

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